Traits For 2011 Residence Designs: Inside Is The Place It Can Be At.

Submitted by: Frank Knippenberg

Concrete flooring is expanding in acceptance inside inside layout world and for beneficial cause. It has several rewards (likewise as drawbacks) both equally visually and in terms of maintenance. Certainly, as with any interior layout craze, it is really important to weigh the advantages against the negatives to ensure you’re creating the right alternative on your dwelling. Here’s the low along on concrete flooring and it really is benefits and disadvantages.

Pro: Versatile

Concrete is incredibly versatile. It is usually utilised inside a variety of spaces, creating it effortless to include into an active house no matter what the present inside design might be.

Con: Cold

If used in bedroom designs, you’ll also would like to make investments in a throw rug or even a beneficial pair of slippers, as every time you obtain out from the mattress, chances are you’ll get a small shock from your cold sensation of the concrete beneath your ft.

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Pro: Style

A plethora of seems is often designed making use of concrete flooring. Actually, it is possible to recreate a tile look for home designs and rest room designs, create a cleanse loft look for located place designs or bedroom designs and so forth. Various procedures exist from stamping to coloring to grant your concrete floors a special, particular search.

Con: Cracking

As your home settles and hence, your concrete flooring settles, it might crack and become damaged in a very way which you are unable to continually repair to mix seamlessly using the present concrete coloring. This could be an enormous drawback for many, in particular if they may be taking into consideration in committing in stamped, colored or patterned concrete.

Pro: Eco-Friendly

Concrete floors are eco-friendly, even though many people usually do not notice it. Initially, significantly less strength is applied for the duration of manufacturing, particularly when compared to your manufacturing of tile, vinyl or wood flooring. 2Nd, concrete is recyclable and third, no concrete is wasted mainly because any unused concrete is often utilised elsewhere whereas flooring, tile as well as other resources frequently have unused scraps that get tossed. This helps make concrete very engaging for people who are seeking to “eco-friendly up” their inside layout.

Con: Cost

Concrete by itself is low-cost, but installing it appropriately can be costly. The cost can skyrocket even additional in case you program to integrate your decorating ideas into your concrete, for instance a precise coloration, stamping and so forth.

Pro: Upkeep

As very long as you on a regular basis thoroughly clean your concrete and reseal it as essential, concrete floors are uncomplicated to take care of. Plus, concrete floors won’t harbor fleas, mud mites, puppy hair and also other undesirable supplies, creating them fantastic for allergy sufferers and for preserving the house thoroughly clean with out acquiring to vacuum daily.

Con: Skilled Installation

Unlike other flooring in inside layout, you totally ought to have concrete floors professionally installed. The only time you must embark on this undertaking yourself is if you will be in truth, a specialized who works with pouring concrete in your own working day to working day task. In any other case, your floor may possibly find yourself seeking not as much than best and much more like a damaged driveway. No one desires that!

About the Author: Joe’s pursuits consist of website marketing, taking cruisies to exotic desitinations, photography, exploring and tinkering with each hardware and software cutting edge technologies. He’s also efficiently helped many individuals begin and run their very own net enterprises. In his cost-free time he goes out on discipline trips and travels extensively to exotic areas to require pictures with a broad and varied subject matter. James located back again everyday life after leaving the corporate earth and intends to love it for the fullest!As you have read, concrete floors are becoming increasingly popular in 2011. With that in mind, Mob Jarrock invites you to find more


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PV Taiwan 2007: ITRI Taiwan awards winners of Jinyi Award and shows the solutions on photovoltaic industry

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) showed their solutions of excellence not only at TAITRONICS Autumn and TaiwanRFID exhibitions, but also held “The 4th Jinyi Award Ceremony” and “Photovoltaic Applications on Construction Seminar” accompanied with PV Taiwan Forum and Exhibition this year.

For the “Jinyi Award”, ITRI set a special pavilion at their booth to show the nominated products and current solutions with solar energy. According to ITRI, “Jinyi Award” encouraged individual or group participants can applied the creations on solar energy and photovoltaics to life of the human beings. ITRI also hoped those solutions can transform with valued products. This year, ITRI cooperated with Taiwan Design Center supervised by Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) with judgments of the 4th Jinyi Award.

This competition has three groups (Product Design, Professional Design, Design Competition) with different natures, competition places, and fields of participants. Winners of “Professional Design Group” and the 1st and 2nd place of “Design Competition Group” were named at the Ceremony.

After the Ceremony, ITRI held “Photovoltaic Applications on Construction Seminar” for participants with semiconductor, photovoltaic, environment, and constriction industries. “Governments and companies in Taiwan should learn some successful cases in Europe and USA. ITRI started constructions of photovoltaic and solar energy system at South Taiwan. Photovoltaic and solar energy are the valuable and important energy source from now, and its industry will be taken effect on some environment issues such as increasing of oil prices, greenhouse effect, trendy changes of environment awareness.” Dr. Joeng-shein Chen (Deputy Manager of Photovoltaics Technology Center of Industrial Technology Research Institute) taught to the participants at this seminar.

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Canadian annual seal hunt begins amid controversy

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Honourable Gail Shea, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, opened the Canadian seal hunt amid protests by animal rights groups, at a time when bans on seal product imports are becoming more prevalent internationally.

Seal hunters along the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador, and the Gulf of St. Lawrence are allowed to catch a maximum of 270,000 Harp Seal pups from a total estimated population of 5.5 million. 8,200 is the allowable catch of Hooded seals from an estimated population of 600,000, and seal hunters may catch 50,000 grey seals from an approximate population of 300,000.

The Harp seal pups may be killed as soon as they have molted their white pelts, which occurs 10 to 21 days after birth.

It is reported that Russia has shut down the seal hunt on its shores. The United States, Netherlands, and Belgium ban the import of seal products. The European Parliament committee has endorsed a ban on seal product imports by the 27 European Union (EU) member states, in the form of a proposed bill that would still allow the Canadian Inuit to trade in seal products for first nation cultural purposes. All members of the EU must approve the bill for it to become law.

“While we are extremely disappointed that the European Parliament has called for a ban of the trade of seal products, our position remains that any ban on a humanely conducted hunt, such as Canada’s, is completely without merit. We will continue to explore all legal and diplomatic options and we will exercise our rights to their fullest extent under international trade laws if and when it becomes necessary and appropriate.”

“Sealing is a significant source of income in many small, isolated coastal communities throughout Atlantic Canada, Quebec and the North, and creates critical employment opportunities for processing plants, as well as fuel, food and equipment suppliers in coastal communities,” said Minister Shea.

“Our government will continue to defend the rights of Canadian sealers to provide a livelihood for their families through our humane, responsible and sustainable hunt,” she said. “It represents as much as 35 per cent of a sealer’s annual income and is important for thousands of families at a time of year when other fishing options are limited at best.”

The first area to open up to the seal hunt was the Gulf of St. Lawrence, where 30 percent of the catch is allowed.

Sixteen observer permits have been issued. “The majority of the observers are people who protest against the seal hunt, but there are journalists and other observers as well. We try to make sure there’s an even proportion of sealing activity and observer activity,” Mr. Jenkins, Department of Fisheries and Oceans spokesman said. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) is going to observe and record the commercial seal hunt.

“It’s devastating to be here, to know the commercial seal hunt has started again. It’s clear that a change is on the horizon with the European Parliament voting on a proposal to ban seal-product trade in the EU and many people in the Canadian sealing industry believe that could spell the beginning of the end of the commercial seal hunt,” commented Rebecca Aldworth, director of the Canadian chapter of Humane Society International.

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Financial Planning

Private Vs. Public High School &Amp; College Admissions Success

This week I’m going to answer a popular question among parents concerning whether from a college admissions perspective if it’s better for a student to attend a public or private high school and how this decision factors into the admissions equation. After having attended both public and private high schools myself, interviewed several administrative insiders and college admissions officers our research has shown that the short answer is no and the long answer is that it depends. I’ll explain what I mean by both these terms and what strategies are most useful for high school students in this edition of college planning Saturday.

In order to effectively answer this question let’s start by talking about the major differences between public and private high schools as they relate to both you as a parent, your student and their ability to get into College.

Cost of Attendance:

Many parents make the mistake of believing that if a high school charges more it must be better. Not true. Not only do private high schools tell Colleges that you most likely do have spare cash available for College tuition many College specific scholarship programs are not available to students. Likewise, it we have also found that many expensive private high schools in the country provide an educational experience that is only equivalent to that of a well funded public high school. The reason is that many private high schools invest their endowment money in order to continually build their brand name. Yes they have the capacity to provide better classrooms, facilities and teachers but the question you want to ask yourself is to what degree they actually do so. They are most valuable when they actively invest substantial sums of capital into building the structures and conditions necessary to help students outperform national averages on important metrics of high school achievement. Many of these schools however have proven incapable of doing so.

Many of the core services that your student needs in fact to get into a top college like stellar AP classes, SAT preparation and extracellular opportunities are available at many great public high schools for free. A national survey taken by the College Board revealed that Colleges on average accepted roughly 25% of their students from private high schools while 65-70% of students were from public high schools. This data suggest that Colleges do not distinguish their admissions criteria by whether a high school is public or private but rather what percent tile your student ranks within that given school.

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High School Class Ranking:

As a result one of the most important things you should be looking at is not whether the high school is nationally ranked high enough but rather where your student places within their graduating class. This is why students who attend highly competitive high schools where the majority of students all have private tutors, SAT prep classes and lots of encouragement at home will have a far more difficult time graduating in the top 10% of their class than students who attends a far less competitive schools and have less support at home. It is actually more challenging therefore for students who attend more competitive high schools to graduate high enough in their senior class to significantly distinguish themselves.

Class Curriculum:

Most public high schools, because their funded by mostly state and federal funds will only typically offer general classes in the core subjects of math, English, reading, writing, science history and physical education. In addition to these core subjects, many public high schools offer programs in the music and the arts. In contrast because private high schools are funded internally, the breath of their curriculum is often much larger and more narrowly tailored towards specialized programs and the diverse interests students may have. So from a purely curriculum perspective private high schools are far superior in that they have the capacity to offer students a very diverse and rich learning experience. Now where parents typically error on this specific point is thinking that this matters to a College. It doesn’t. The reason is simple, College admissions departments hate subjectivity and there is no way as of yet to fairly and objectivity take into account the vast differences that specific classes have on whether a student is qualified for admissions. Instead, your focus should lie on what is measurable and what is objective and what Colleges actually look at which includes GPA, SAT and other standardized measures of achievement. I can’t tell you how many times we have worked with clients whose students took generic AP classes, did excellent and got into some great Colleges while other clients had their students take highly complex specialized classes, did mediocre and were surprised when their admissions competitiveness suffered as a result.


This is a factor many parents fail to take into account when thinking about public versus private high schools. When I attended private high school some years ago, one of the biggest challenges I had with attending was that I had to commute via bus 60 minutes every day. After working with thousands of families as a financial and admissions advisor I am convinced that this plays a critical role in getting into College. Why? Because doing well in your classes and tests are based not on how much time your student spends at school but how much time they spend at home mastering the material. Learning is an integrated process that is the result of always thinking about and applying class concepts. If your student is spending their time focused on logistics and travel it only makes this learning process more challenging to achieve.

Passion & Desire:

Most importantly, if you want to your student to have the opportunity to attend the College of their dreams then it’s vital that you keep in mind that research reveals that student ability and achievement is not something you academically create but rather something you unleash within them. How do you unleash your student’s abilities you may ask? Easy. Allow them to learn and grow in an environment their most passionate in. It’s like a quote my mentor once told me that “attitudes are more important than abilities, motives than methods and character than cleverness; and at the end of the day the heart takes precedence over the head… so follow your heart and your abilities will unleash like an avalanche”. That is perhaps the on universal truth inherent in all the students of families we have worked with that were most successful in getting into any College they desired.

So remember, having your child attend a highly competitive private prep school is pointless if you’re not focused on having them academically distinguish themselves within their class. That is one very important factor in College Admissions and one that can be accomplished at any high school, public or private.

To discover the business-side behind the admissions and financial aid process the “stuff-behind-the-stuff” sign up to receive (1) a free chapter of Phillip Lew’s College Planning book, (2) a report on which colleges give grants for high income families and (3) a database on where to find the highest quality private scholarships. To instantly receive these free gifts go to and watch our 5 minute introductory free video.

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Dove ad viewed more than 3 million times on YouTube

Saturday, November 4, 2006

An advertisement for Dove beauty products has been viewed by well over three million people, without ever being on television. A copywriter from Ogilvy Toronto, the advertising agency that created a spot named “evolution”, uploaded the advertisement to video sharing website YouTube.

While the official upload of the ad itself has been viewed 1,119,262 times, there are dozens of copies of the ad on YouTube, adding to a minimum of 3,059,546 views. The official copy of the video is the website’s 12th most viewed this month, 53rd of all time.

Unofficial uploads have each received high levels of viewership, with 449595, 445322, 207906, 201670, 195265, 116501, and 102634 plays.

The agency did not originally intend to upload the video to YouTube, only display it on the company’s homepage. Staff member Tim Piper uploaded it to his account on October 6, about a week before it first got media coverage on Good Morning America.

The ad begins with a woman walking into a photo shoot. From there, she is primped and plucked by hair and makeup artists, then tweaked on a Photoshop-like program. The photo-manipulation is then posted on a billboard for the fictional “Easel Foundation Makeup” brand. Two young, teenage girls walk past, glancing at the board. “No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted” ends the ad in text, “Every girl deserves to feel beautiful just the way she is.”

The creative team for the ad included Tim Piper, Mike Kirkland, Janet Kestin, Nancy Vonk, directors T Piper (treatment and post production) and Yael Staav (live action) from Reginald Pike, Soho post production, Rogue editing, Vapor music, Gabor Jurina and Make-up: Diana Carreiro, and Reginald Pike.

The official French copy of the ad has only received 132 views, although it was only uploaded on November 2, 2006.

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“Creationism and intelligent design have no place in the UK science curriculum” says UK Government

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Government is clear that creationism and intelligent design are not part of the science National Curriculum programmes of study and should not be taught as science.

The U.K. government defined Intelligent Design along with creationism as religion and ruled that neither has a place within the country’s school science curriculum.

This was in reaction to an electronic petition launched by James Rocks of the “Science, Just Science” campaign, a group formed to oppose “Truth in Science” and other groups in the anti-evolution lobby in the UK. The petition was signed by 1,505 people.

In the petition details, Rocks wrote, “Creationism & Intelligent design are greatly featured in the media and are being used disingenuously to portray science & the theory of evolution as being in crisis when they are not. Moreover groups such as Truth in Science are targeting our nation’s children and their science education with material that is not only non-scientific but have been rejected by the scientific community. These ideas therefore do not constitute science, cannot be considered scientific education and therefore do not belong in the nation’s science classrooms.”

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s office wrote: “The (UK) Government is aware that a number of concerns have been raised in the media and elsewhere as to whether creationism and intelligent design have a place in science lessons. The [UK] Government is clear that creationism and intelligent design are not part of the science National Curriculum programmes of study and should not be taught as science.”

The government will also be “publishing guidance for schools, on the way creationism and intelligent design relate to science teaching”.

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Public Relations

Qualities Of The Best Body Shops In Lubbockt

byAlma Abell

One of the prized possessions that most people have is a car and they will go to great lengths to make sure that their car stays looking its best. For people who value the look of their car, being involved in an accident can be a very stressful and heartbreaking situation for them. The damage that can be caused in a car accident can be quite extensive and will require a professional touch in order to get it back to its original condition. In most cases, you will have a variety of different body shops in your area to choose from, which means you have to do research to find the right one. Here are a few qualities to look for when trying to find the Best Body Shops in Lubbock.

Great Communication is Key

YouTube Preview Image

One of the best qualities to look for in a body shop is a good sense of communication. You want a body shop that will walk you through the steps they are taking to get your car repaired properly. The more you know about the process, the better equipped you will be to make the right decisions along the way. The last thing that you want is a body shop that seems secretive about what they are doing because this is a prime environment for getting taken advantage of.

Itemized Estimates

Another very important thing that you need to look for when trying to find the right body shop is the way that they do their estimates. You want to get an itemized estimate of the job that you need done because this will give you all of the information that you need to make your decision on which shop to choose. The more you know about what a particular body shop can offer you, the easier it will be to choose the right one to use.

If you are looking for the Best Body Shops in Lubbock, then look no further than the team at Texas Body and Frame. They will be able to get the repairs that you need done in a timely manner. You can call them or visit their website.

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ABC to move Internet news network back to U.S. TVs

April 6, 2005

The U.S. television network ABC says its 24-hour news network, ABC News Now, will become a permanent 24-hour television news network starting in July. Currently, the operation is only available on the Internet as a streaming media web site.

The network started as a experiment by the Walt Disney Company-owned ABC in the summer of 2004 during the U.S. presidential campaign nomination conventions. It was mostly broadcast as a subchannel or shared channel within the bandwidth of an existing digital television (DTV) channel already owned by ABC. For instance if the local ABC affiliate is on Channel 7 with a DTV channel of 23, then ABC News Now may have been available on digital channel 23.1, sharing the same bandwidth.

Because few households in the U.S. are equipped to tune in digital over-the-air sub-channels, and virtually none are carried on local cable companies, ratings were low for the fledgling digital channel. Adding to that technical difficulty, cable carriage of the network was small. ABC News Now was delivered to only 6 of the 110 million U.S. households via cable. Most viewers of the network, 30 million at last count, watched the network via the Internet.

Citing money reasons, ABC shuttered the over-the-air ABC News Now broadcasts in January to focus on building the web-based service. But come July, ABC plans to return its news network and its 20 original programs to local TV stations. Without any commitment from national cable or satellite companies, ABC will return to digital sub-channels on local DTV transmissions.

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Sweden’s Crown Princess marries long-time boyfriend

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sweden’s first royal wedding since 1976 took place Saturday when Crown Princess Victoria, 32, married her long-time boyfriend and former personal trainer, Daniel Westling, 36. The ceremony took place at Stockholm Cathedral.

Over 1,200 guests, including many rulers, politicians, royals and other dignitaries from across the world, attended the wedding, which cost an estimated 20 million Swedish kronor. Victoria wore a wedding dress with five-metre long train designed by Pär Engsheden. She wore the same crown that her mother, Queen Silvia, wore on her wedding day 34 years previously, also on June 19. Victoria’s father, King Carl XVI Gustaf, walked Victoria down the aisle, which was deemed untraditional by many. In Sweden, the bride and groom usually walk down the aisle together, emphasising the country’s views on equality. Victoria met with Daniel half-way to the altar, where they exchanged brief kisses, and, to the sounds of the wedding march, made their way to the the silver altar. She was followed by ten bridesmaids. The couple both had tears in their eyes as they said their vows, and apart from fumbling when they exchanged rings, the ceremony went smoothly.

Following the ceremony, the couple headed a fast-paced procession through central Stockholm on a horse-drawn carriage, flanked by police and security. Up to 500,000 people are thought to have lined the streets. They then boarded the Vasaorden, the same royal barge Victoria’s parents used in their wedding, and traveled through Stockholm’s waters, accompanied by flyover of 18 fighter jets near the end of the procession. A wedding banquet followed in the in the Hall of State of the Royal Palace.

Controversy has surrounded the engagement and wedding between the Crown Princess and Westling, a “commoner”. Victoria met Westling as she was recovering from bulemia in 2002. He owned a chain of gymnasiums and was brought in to help bring Victoria back to full health. Westling was raised in a middle-class family in Ockelbo, in central Sweden. His father managed a social services centre, and his mother worked in a post office. When the relationship was made public, Westling was mocked as an outsider and the king was reportedly horrified at the thought of his daughter marrying a “commoner”, even though he did so when he married Silvia. Last year, Westling underwent transplant surgery for a congenital kidney disorder. The Swedish public have been assured that he will be able to have children and that his illness will not be passed on to his offspring.

Westling underwent years of training to prepare for his new role in the royal family, including lessons in etiquette, elocution, and multi-lingual small talk; and a makeover that saw his hair being cropped short, and his plain-looking glasses and clothes being replaced by designer-wear.

Upon marrying the Crown Princess, Westling took his wife’s ducal title and is granted the style “His Royal Highness”. He is now known as HRH Prince Daniel, Duke of Västergötland. He also has his own coat-of-arms and monogram. When Victoria assumes the throne and becomes Queen, Daniel will not become King, but assume a supportive role, similar to that of Prince Phillip, the husband of the United Kingdom’s Queen Elizabeth II.

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Nine jailed over sexual abuse in Bradford, England children’s home

Saturday, March 2, 2019

On Wednesday, nine men were jailed due to sexual abuse and rape of two teenage girls at a children’s home in Bradford, England. A tenth defendant was found not-guilty.

The nine men were prosecuted for 22 different crimes. These included rape and inciting child prostitution.

Judge Durham Hall QC said they “appear not to have shown any respect for the minimum standards of decent behaviour.” Prosecutor Kama Melly QC said the victims were “ripe and vulnerable to manipulation” and had been used “to satisfy [the accused’s] sexual desires”.

One of the victims decided to allow her name to be made public. She said she did this to show victims “there is nothing to be ashamed of”. One of the victims said the men thought they were “nothing but a toy to play with”.

Bradford Council stated, “The Safeguarding Board will look closely at this case to see if there are any lessons we can learn that could help us keep young people safer”.

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