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Portable Gps Mysteries: What Is A ‘Virtual Perimeter’?

Portable GPS Mysteries: What is A ‘Virtual Perimeter’?



GPS trackers have become a vital security gadget. Lately, parents have taken notice of this technology and are increasingly using it to keep track of their children. GPS devices can be attached to a child or infant easily. These devices keep transmitting a signal that can be tracked by the parents. In case of an emergency, the parents can simply send a text message or call the device and the GPS receiver will respond by sending a message to the parent s mobile phone. The same goes with the elderly people who often forget their way around or can get into trouble at home. They can also be tracked using similar technology.

A popular type of GPS is the GPS device with virtual perimeter. This works like any other GPS device. However, there is an added feature you can create a virtual perimeter around the GPS device. This means that you can set coordinates pertaining to a certain area the GPS is allowed to roam. If the person steps outside this specified region, the GPS will start beeping. If the user goes any further beyond a pre-defined limit, the GPS will alert the parents. This can be done using a text message service.

People are excited to see this technology being launched at reasonable prices. There is a good reason behind it. This technology has enabled worrying parents keep track of their kids movements. With criminal elements increasing at an alarming rate, is it obvious that more and more parents are resorting to such tactics to secure their loved ones. Not only kids, you can attach these device on your pet s collar and never lose it. No more visits to the dog pounds to identify your dog.


Shops are stocking GPS trackers having virtual parameter feature with much zeal. They make for a great sale. Also, these can easily be shopped online and delivered right on your doorstep. There is not much convincing part to perform here. But stockers have to get themselves updated with latest developments in the GPS industry to stay ahead of the competition. Introducing latest models from best GPS manufacturers should always be a top priority. Remember, to include all the features of a particular device clearly in your brochure.

If you are in the market for a GPS tracker, there s a plethora of choices awaiting you. There are a diverse range of GPS products. Many are from big names such as Garmin, but increasingly it s possible to buy equal-spec but far cheaper versions from China for instance. While purchasing trackers, do keep in mind these guidelines:

1.What is the maximum tracker radius you can set? The device should offer you to set up complete periphery details to keep track of. Limited options will only limit your ability to secure your loved ones.

2.Communication features should include both text messaging and calling. Check whether the device uses a prepaid SIM card. This can lower the cost of operation.

3.Is the device compatible with a computer? Most devices allow PC integration where you can store all the recorded information including text messages sent and received.

4.Lastly, if possible, give due consideration to design and style of the GPS tracker.

Don t stop at these features. With a constantly evolving GPS industry, you will always find new and useful features. Put the money on the table only when you find the product that suits your requirements.

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Boss 33 Ultra Sleek Mobile

Boss 33 – Ultra Sleek Mobile



This is a

GSM Dual Sim Mobile

with great looks. It is having touchscreen keypad input with Free Bluetooth. This phone features with bluetooth, MP3 and MP4 player, Camera with several multimedia options. It has a colored 2.6 inch LCD. This phone comes with a 1.3 MP camera, bluetooth, FM recording and Mp3 player as well. It has a 4GB expandable memory. Also comes with USB connector, WAP and GPRS.

A Decent Budget Choice

Boss Electronics are introducing a superb mobile with unique appearance together with great style and quality. Boss E33 is a sleek mobile with Touch Qwerty Keypad. This one is definately a best buy award winning phone! A robust and highly impressive phone with smart multimedia features! Boss Electronics (I) pvt ltd is the brand custodian whose products have been accepted and sold globally. Their constant endeavor is to introduce products of substance that offer the perfect blend of technology at an affordable price.


Design and Looks

This is a keypad mobile with good structural looks. It has top-notch and the capacious soft touch-pad which is the best ever to get used all-time.It has a wide 2.6 inch LCD display which definitely add a great visual impact on a user. Simply awesome interface: the screen is so good, its easy to read text without doing so. This is a

Dual Sim Mobile

which has a unique IMEI number so there is no need to worry at all.

Key Features

This phone supports multiple languages, which can surely act as a boon for users. The various organizing features like calculator, calendar, alarm clock and many more, acts very handy for your day to day activities. Its 4GB expandable memory offers great space to store lots of data, images and videos. It is equipped with GPRS and Bluetooth and keeps you connected throughout your activities. You have a USB cord for wired connections which sounds capable of transferring all your files just by a single wire. The Special highlight of this phone lies in its dual Sim feature, which allows you to use two numbers at the cost of one handset making it simply economical in long run. It has phone book capacity of 250 records. It has SMS, MMS and chat option as well. Grouping all forms of mobile interaction by contact, it makes it dead easy to check through old texts and calls.

Impressive Multimedia Features

This boss handset is equipped with a good camera. Camera has a display screen which is 1.3MP. In the situations where you’ve forgotten your camera at home and thinking of catching some smart pictures go get them done and get captured in this smart and stylish phone. It has 4x camera zoom for smart picture capturing. It is a dual band handset offering you something beyond par excellence. It also has FM radio and excellent MP3 and MP4 player options in 3GP Mp4, AVI format.

The True Verdict

Over and all it is not just a good work phone but also an excellent entertainer! It is a phone with speedy and handy communication at low budget cost. You get 9 Gifts worth Rs.2000 absolutely free with Boss 33 sleek. Above all there is a 6 months warranty.This is a Lowest Price Challenge! In case you find this product at a lower price else where we will reimburse 10 times the difference!

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Uses Of Barcode}

Submitted by: Daniel Posner

Barcodes are referred to a collection of vertical black bars and white spaces with varying shape and sizes. Barcodes stores descriptive details of products like product name, product price, company name, quantity and a lot of information. Barcodes are employed for counting objects and finished goods supply, regular arrangement of cartons and luggage on conveyor belts, group tracking, fixed asset tracking, time and attendance record maintenance, automate storehouse functions, selection and shipping, recognizing creation block, file tracking, parcel tracking, controlled substance tracking, patient billing, retail industries and others.

Barcodes are employed for several inventory uses to encode manifold small or big products, grocery items, packages, containers and others. Barcode provides a straightforward and suitable way to mark departmental store units dealing with products to sell out in Retail Business. Barcode Scanners reads information from barcode pictures, images, labels marked on created products used for Inventory Control and Retail Business. Barcode usage gives multiple advantages such as process efficiency, improved performance, data accuracy, rapid access of information related to retail items and manufactured products. With bar-coding technology, you can perform batch task functions including tracking products, gathering company particulars, making a collection of product data and others.

Barcodes are available in market in different type of symbologies including one dimensional barcode fonts and two dimensional barcode symbologies. Linear Barcode Fonts includes Codabar, Code 11, Code 39, Code 93, Extended Code 39, Extended Code 93, UPC A, Planet, Postnet, Industrial 2 of 5, Interleaved 2 of 5, Planet, Postnet, Intelligent Mail, Telepen, MSI Plessey, Code 128, UCC EAN 128, ISBN, GS1 128 and others. Two Dimensional barcode symbologies composed of Data Matrix, Maxi Code, QR Code and other famous barcode fonts.

Advantages of using barcodes

1. Available in linear and two dimensional barcode fonts

Barcodes present in two forms including linear and two dimensional barcode symbologies such as Code 11, Code 128, Codabar, Code 39, Code 93, Extended Code 39, Extended Code 93, UPC A, Planet, Postnet, Industrial 2 of 5, Interleaved 2 of 5, Planet, Postnet, Intelligent Mail, Telepen, MSI Plessey, UCC EAN 128, ISBN, GS1 128, Data Matrix, Maxi Code, QR Code and others


2. Speedy execution of data

Barcode scanners access information written on barcode symbol printed on inventory objects. Barcodes store product details like product name, product id, product price, quantity, company name, company address etc.

3. Inventory updates

Barcodes always give up to date information every time in all small and medium scale industries.

4. Reduce Stock levels

Barcodes are used to decrease level of stock in inventory business and retail industries

5. Cost Investments

Use of barcode technology helps in reducing stock level results leads to low carrying costs

6. Enhanced Process Efficiency

Barcoding system assists in rising performance and data efficiency for inventory and retail companies

7. Little working costs

Barcode technology implementation gives less operating costs applied in small scale or medium scale

8. Replace Keyboard Data Entry

Use of barcode system replaces need of data entry with computer coded information scanned by barcode scanner.

Retailers, Manufacturers, financial services, distributors, public utilities, government agencies, phone companies, hospitals, transportation companies and almost each additional kind of commerce are using bar code technology.

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) reads data written in barcode symbol and display information on computer to which the scanner is attached to. Barcode (

) is composed of vertical bars and spaces and applied for point of scale management, inventory tracking and others.


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Online Dating Agencies

Submitted by: Thackeray Scott

Online dating agencies are one of the best places to meet a perfect match. You may know how difficult it is to find a right match. It can be a daunting task to look for someone who shares a similar thought process or characteristics. Moreover, you can’t just go on with your search and look out for a potential partner everywhere. If you hunt for a match wherever you go, it leaves a poor image. Your intention may be misinterpreted: you may be looked down as someone who is always on a hunt. It can also mar your reputation.

If you are seriously looking out for a match, then it is best to hire the services of a dating agency. They are a reliable source of information and will help you out in finding a perfectly compatible match. The agency will first gather your detailed information and then look out for an appropriate match. When you sign up, you are asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire. This will help the dating agencies look for a compatible match. There are some factors, which the agency reviews before matching you up with that special someone. Typically, they will check your characteristics, which include the following factors.

Factors Reviewed


Character And Constitution: This includes good character, dominance vs. submission, curiosity, vitality, intellect, appearance, sexual passion and adaptability.

Emotional Aspects: This includes emotional health, anger management, quality of self conception, mood management, communication skills, conflict resolution, kindness to others, and closeness vs autonomy.

Personality Type: This includes sense of humor, sociability, energy, ambition, family and values, view on children, family background, education, spirituality, and traditionalism.

These factors are reviewed and evaluated on the basis of the information filled out by you in the questionnaire. Dating agencies use scientific matching techniques. This means that you don’t have to go through thousands of profiles and waste time. Half of your job is done by these dating agency services. There are several variables that are taken into consideration for the purpose of scientific matchmaking.

Typically, the questionnaire that you fill out includes 29 dimensions of personality that are needed to form lasting and fulfilling long term relationships. It could include anything from your beliefs regarding marriage; your religious faith; whether you smoke or not; a recreational drug user or not; and what kind of vacation you like to take. Once all the aspects are considered and evaluated, you are then offered an option to select a certain number of matches. You could choose to contact these matches at your own pace and you have an option to write an email to the match.

Indeed, dating agencies have changed the way you search for a match. You can be as selective as you want until you find that special someone. Are you thinking about finding your love? Well, you can find out your love on this dating site. In fact two percent of the US population found their marriage partners, let alone love, through these dating sites. Dating agency is a perfect way of finding a compatible person. It can save a lot of time and effort.

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