Secrets To Choosing The Best Natural Skin Care Cream

By Dr. Valerie Rosenbaum

The best natural skin care cream contains a number of plant extracts, plant oils, vitamins, antioxidants and honey. The best skin creams are those that moisturize and protect. They prevent damage from free radicals and support the skin’s cell renewal process.

The best skin creams stimulate the production of collagen and elastin fibers. They prevent infection and heal minor injuries. They are useful in the treatment of a variety of conditions and they counter the problems that come along with age.

You will not find the best natural skin care cream in your local drugstore and you can’t buy it from the Home Shopping Network. It’s only my opinion, of course, but I’ve compared a lot of different products and the ingredients that they contain, so I think I know a little bit about the subject.

The major cosmetic companies use ingredients that do not support the skin’s health. In fact, some of them contain ingredients that are known health hazards. When I think about some of the things that I have rubbed all over my face and body, over the years, without knowing, it’s scary.


Did you know what petroleum jelly is? It’s a byproduct that is created when crude oil is removed from the ground to be processed and turned into gasoline. Everything that Unilever makes contains petrolatum, same thing as petroleum jelly. It’s just white.

Mineral oils sound like something good. Mineral oil is actually liquid petrolatum. Look it up. I did.

The best skin creams contain plant oils like olive, jojoba and grape seed. Those are effective moisturizers, because they are very similar to the oils secreted by the glands of our bodies.

Mineral oil is not similar at all. It’s not even really a moisturizer. It sits on top of the pores and creates a barrier that locks moisture in, momentarily. If used regularly, lotions that contain it will inhibit the skin’s natural rejuvenation process. That’s not my opinion. That’s what dermatologists advise.

The best natural skin care cream was created following along with dermatologist’s recommendations. They advise the inclusion of antioxidants manufactured using the latest nanotechnology so that they will have the most effectiveness.

The best skin creams contain antioxidants, because they destroy free radicals. Free radical damage is what causes the outward signs of aging and eventually lead to skin cancer.

The best natural skin care cream contains amino acid protein peptides, because that’s what dermatologist’s advice to increase collagen and elastin production. But, you have to be careful, because some of the companies use synthetic peptides that are ‘derived’ from naturally occurring ones. And, they still call ‘natural’

The best skin creams do not contain added fragrances or preservatives, because dermatologists say those are the two most common causes of allergic reactions. Instead, they contain natural vitamin E, an effective preservative and also an antioxidant.

The best natural skin care cream, in my opinion, is made in New Zealand by a company that I trust to provide safe products. You’ll be happy you looked into it.

About the Author: Dr. Valerie Rosenbaum is a dermatologist who specializes in the natural skin care products using only clinically proven natural ingredients. At her website she recommends the best natural skin care creams. For more information visit her website


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